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Terminate Your Lease or Finance Early

With Lease Terminator, terminating your lease or finance obligation is done with 3 easy steps; all without affecting your credit score.

Terminating Leases Since 2015

$199 Termination Fee – If Your Lease Is Eligible

3-Step Process To Ending Your Liabilities

Within two minutes, you could be done with the first step of the process and get notified of your approval within hours.
In 7 days, you could be out of your car and into the next if you desire.

Check Your Eligibility
Quick eligibility verification- fill out a few simple questions on our form.
Get Approved
Find out if your vehicle is eligible for free lease termination or with cost-efficient pay-off.
Turn In Your Vehicle
Part ways with your current vehicle and high payments.

Get Out Of Your Current Obligation

Get Out Months Earlier
Replace your current lease with any other Make & Model, regardless of the lease maturity date.
Tired of Your Current Car?
Out with the old, in with the new- don’t wait for your lease to end, terminate it now.
Over Mileage?
Outsmart the contract & terminate your lease prior to going over mileage and paying a high premium.

Terminating Leases Nationwide of All Makes Toyota Infiniti Honda Nissan Mazda BMW Acura Audi Mercedes-Benz Chrysler

Save Money
Avoid over mileage, wear & tear fees, and paying the remainder of your lease
Out With The Old, In With The New
Upgrade to any make and model, at any time, for any reason.
Don't Leave Your House
Get rid of your lease without leaving your premises.
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